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Unformatted text preview: efinition of Rights (cont’d.) The Definition of A clear understanding of human rights can be found in most of the world’s major religious traditions! Most can be found in their Creation accounts Who are entitled to these rights is at the heart of the conflict between the powerful elite and the marginalized in our world Because the powerful often feel that ‘others’ are not entitled to these same conditions The Definition of Rights (cont’d.) The Definition of Consequently, there are 3 rules which dictate the development of human rights policies geared toward overcoming the marginalization of the poor, minorities, and the oppressed (pg. 102): 1. The needs of the poor take priority over the wants of the rich 2. The freedom of the dominated takes priority over the liberty of the powerful 3. The participation of the marginalized takes priority over the preservation of an order that excludes them These ideals are intimately linked to the demands of the Gospel and Jesus’ Preferential Option for the Poor The Cycle of Oppression/Dehumanization The Cycle of Oppression/Dehumanization Misinformation: Stereotypes are portrayed as ‘truth’ (i.e. ‘black athletes’; ‘drunken Irish’) Socialization: These ‘truths’ become accepted knowledge Reinforcement through systems: These would be found in policies like: racial profiling; the ‘glass ceiling’ f...
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