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Joking i llusion that there is no illusion injustice

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Unformatted text preview: or women in business; and, refusal of benefits for same­sex partners The Cycle of Oppression/Dehumanization (cont’d.) The Cycle of Oppression/Dehumanization (cont’d.) Internalization of shame: those who are oppressed fulfill (willingly or not) these stereotypes The ‘path of liberation’, becoming an ‘agent of change’; metanoia (metanoia) Another significant element to this process: while the full humanity of the victim is denied, the oppressor also becomes less human Letty Russell’s “Path of Liberation” Letty Russell’s “Path of Liberation” 1. 2. Oppressed: those without Oppressed: power power “Happy Slave” Content with their Content situation situation Fear of reprisals for Fear speaking out speaking Emulating the oppressor Gain power by ‘going Gain along’ along Oppressors: those with Oppressors: power power 1. Joking I llusion that there is no Illusion injustice injustice 2. Liberal “Experts” A ccepts that there is Accepts problem with the status quo problem Dominant group has Dominant superior understanding superior Letty Russell’s “Path of Liberation” Letty Russell’s “Path of Liberation” 3. Rage 3. V alues of dominant Values group violently rejected rejected Self-destruction 4. Finding One’s own Finding Story Story The story and value of The one’s own group is explored/embraced explored/embraced 4. Righteous Indignation Despite best efforts, other Despit...
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