10.30 World Englishes and Language Acquisition

Thegroundrealitiescontd functionsofuniqueinouterand

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Unformatted text preview: Several scholars in SLA have pointed out problems with this narrow view Sridhar and Sridhar 1992 Sridhar and Sridhar 1992 Goal of SLA is native­like comptence Entire input be available to the learners What functions the target language serves in the communities is irrelevant to SLA Learner’s previous languages irrelevant Success in SLA solely depends on Integrative motivation, no Insturmental motivation The Ground Realities The Ground Realities Thee monolingual approach is not just depressing, but also unrealistic and misinformed, for the following reasons: Need English for intranational purposes Context of learning different Input available is indigenized variety Teachers, peers, all indigenous Expected competence is different The Ground Realities, contd. The Ground Realities, contd. Functions of unique in Outer and Expanding circles are unique to them Need English for instrumental purposes High level of proficiency among Filipino and Indian users…questions the whole role of Integrative mo...
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