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Jonathan Jaklitsch Anthropology 143 2/7/08 What Happened to Immigration? The article “What Happened to Immigration?” by Mark Krikorianquestions how one of the most important issues for the Republican base, illegal immigration, seemed to be lost in the primaries. Normally, immigration is not a major issue in politics; this year, however, 29 percent of California’s Republican primary votersbelieved that immigration was the most important issue, second only to the economy.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore is extremely surprising that Romney, a candidate with no real policy towards illegal immigration clobbered McCain 45-25. Also, I find it very surprising that the most liberal candidate on the Republican side, McCain, is favored to be the nominee. It seems as if the Republicans are simply searching for the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton and are forgetting about the issues. That is my opinion on “what happened to immigration”....
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