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Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

At the end of the guidelines page they write the

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Unformatted text preview: th them, and this allows the customer to be able to directly relate to the staff which is very important when building brand and customer relationships. The customers want to be able to trust the people that they are buying from. Examples: COMMUNITY Nordstrom is a very large corporation; therefore it is necessary for them to have an entire marketing department to help with advertising and public relations. Under the marketing department, there are many positions that are behind the social media efforts of the brand, included but not limited to the following: Internet Marketing Manger, Internet Marketing Producer, Social Media Manager, Social Media Spet, Interactive Developers, and Targeted Marketing Manager. The marketing department also works closely with the development team, in order to produce quality online content. All of these people are responsible for maintaining and managing all of the brands Internet and social media platforms. Shauna Casey was the head of Nordstrom’s Digital/Social Media for a few years until she recently moved to another company. According to her LinkedIn profile she, “Ideated team structure and led creation of a new digital/social media division within Nordstrom” (LinkedIn). She was responsible for creating the overall digital strategy for the brands, both Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack, and developed their online presence. She was the person in position when e- commerce started to form and grow, so her job was very important in...
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