Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

Customers are able to place orders directly on their

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Unformatted text preview: making sure that Nordstrom created and maintained a strong online presence. She implemented and executed a multi- platform strategy for digital innovation for both Nordstrom’s website and their social media profiles. As stated before, Nordstrom was the first brand to launch on Pinterest and Shauna was the one to launch the channel. The Interactive Development team also plays a large role in Nordstrom’s online presence. The Interactive Development Team and Technical Development Team work together in order to develop and create the online content. They work together in order to develop and deliver high- quality new features to the site. Their main responsibilities include the development of new internal tools and processes in order for the website to be easily accessible, easy to navigate, and organized. The head managers participate in projects involving emerging media, such as interactive in- store and window experiences. There are also many Interactive Developers that are responsible for providing clean, standards- compliant computer language to provide interactive effects within their online and mobile presence. They are also responsible for researching and developing solutions to Nordstrom’s online content including blogs, social media, and interactive experiences. There are many people part of the Interactive Development Team so Nordstrom can provide interaction with their customers across their online platforms. Nordstrom offers an entire set of guidelines for their employees to follow in regard to posting content on their social media sites. They must...
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