Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

I would say that facebook has the highest level of

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Unformatted text preview: all Fashion, Beauty Spot, Arm Candy, Great Gifts, and On Trend. Having so many boards all mostly with a different concept is very appealing to customers. The boards make it easier for people to follow certain products or concepts that they are interested in. The board Well Said. has pins only consisting of inspiration quotes. The Great Gifts board allows people to see what products are most popular for gifts, taking the burden away from the customer who is trying to find that perfect gift. Nordstrom recently implemented a promotion that displays items featured on Pinterest in store. The items featured have a sign stating that the item was a top pinned item. According to Bryan Galipau, Nordstrom’s social media manager, “This test really came out of our desire as a company to align our social strategy with what our customers are talking about and what are customers are interested in” (Gesenhues, 2013). OUTPOSTS After going through a lot of the content on all of Nordstrom’s social media platforms, I would say that they excel on some sites, and others could use a little more effort. I have witnessed a lot of engagement between Nordstrom’s employees and their customers. I have seen posts with thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments, and although that is a lot of content to filter through, they are still able to interact with a many of their fans. Many interactive responses from Nordstrom usually indicate where you can find the item that is pictured, as well as the link directly to the product. This type of engagement is v...
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