Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

Nordstrom engages a lot with their audience in the way

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Unformatted text preview: ery important in the fact that Nordstrom is promoting sales by proving simple access to a product that a customer is interested in. This leads to higher customer satisfaction because if the link wasn’t provided, the customer might not have been able to locate the item online due to the wide variety of products and brands Nordstrom offers. I would say that Facebook has the highest level of engagement between Nordstrom and their audience. All of the Facebook posts include images, which results in a lot of feedback from fans. There are endless examples of Nordstrom interacting with their fan base. The Facebook fans tend to respond with a wide variety of questions when giving feedback to a product. From asking simple questions about the product like what color are those boots? Who makes that clutch? Nordstrom does a great job of responding to these straightforward questions while also adding a comment of their own. Nordstrom also does a good job of responding to negative feedback. An example of this is when there was a post by Nordstrom picturing Rihanna’s new makeup line, and an angry fan commented on the post stating that she would “never buy a product from someone who is such a terrible role- model,” and a Nordstrom employee politely responded by stating, “we appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to disappoint you, we will share your thoughts with our buying team.” Another customer commented on a post stating that she couldn’t pull that particular item off due to her age, and Nordstrom responded to he...
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