Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

Nordstroms blog is called the thread with over 20

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Unformatted text preview: industry can also include technological advancements because it can be expensive and hard to keep up with new technologies available. Sociocultural trends are a large threat since any retailer needs to be on top of any change in trends, style, and taste in order to maintain being a successful organization. HOME BASE Nordstrom has made their presence known across the Internet. They have a blog in place with many features, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, an Instagram profile, and a Pinterest channel. The Facebook page has over 2 million ‘likes’, with over 57,000 people talking about the brand. The Twitter and Instagram page has over 300,000 followers each. Pinterest, being one of the more recent platforms added to Nordstrom’s social media presence, is the most followed brand on the website with over 4.5 million followers. Across all platforms, I would say that Nordstrom made their presence known on the Internet. Nordstrom’s blog is called THE THREAD, with over 20 features to choose from. The feature Designer Collections offers bios on designers while also offering information on the collection and how the designer came about developing the collection. The Most Wanted feature features the items that are in the highest demand at Nordstrom. The Street Style and Fashion Week have a lot of the same posts because the street styles were taken from what people were wearing at Fashion Week this year. I really liked the Stylist Picks feature because the content features c...
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