Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

She was the person in position when e commerce

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Unformatted text preview: r comment with additional suggestions that may fit her personal style and age. The Instagram page is also filled with many responses from Nordstrom, answering fans questions on a variety of products and services. I think that Nordstrom’s audience falls on the social media engagement “ladder” of joiners, collectors, and critics. Their Pinterest and Facebook pages has millions of followers and fans, and obviously not all of them are going to engage with the content, thus making them joiners. There are many fans that are considered collectors because they use the ‘pull’ method by just taking and absorbing the content posted. There are also a lot of critics in the audience because there is so much feedback on every post. The critics make it their business to rate and review the content posted, by posting their personal opinions and experiences with the products and items. Nordstrom engages a lot with their audience in the way that humanizes the brand. They offer insights and personal opinions on products that customers are interested in. In many of the responses from Nordstrom, the person who is posting the comment or response will often sign their initials at the end of their post indicating a “signature” of a sort. I think that both of these methods of interactions are what humanize the brand to customers. Customers are able to feel a sense of importance that someone is directly responding to them. The responses also allow the customer to visualize or at least have a sense of who is communicating wi...
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