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Nordstrom Social Media Analysis

Some of the boards include french fling pick pink

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Unformatted text preview: ertain outfits and looks that stylist put together and how they came about the putting it together and why they matched certain items together. Pop- In @ Nordstrom is a new feature that was added, and the concept is a temporary shop online and in select stores that changes themes. Olivia Kim who created the concept stated, “Part of the Pop- In @Nordstrom concept is to create an engaging experience for our customers and that there is a takeaway—not just a feeling of inspiration, but something tangible.” The blog has a variety of features that can be appealing to a wide range of customers. On both the Instagram and Facebook page, majority of Nordstrom’s posts are images of products, people, places, outfits, collections, brands, etc. This is effective in the way that customers are able to view products without having to browse the website or physically go into a store. This creates accessibility of the brand because customers are unintentionally paying attention to the products thus sometimes sparking interest. The posts consist of a wide variety of products, from shoes to makeup to food sold in the café. I think these platforms are more effective in reaching customers than Twitter because customers are able to see the products and use their own judgment on them. Pinterest, Nordstrom’s largest social community, has 4.5 million followers. They have 65 boards all with a different concept. Some of the boards include French Fling, Pick Pink, Shoe Lust, F...
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