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The average attendance of these meetings is 97 which

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Unformatted text preview: staples should try implementing dominant business strategy, and instead of offering a wide variety of products, eliminate the ones that you wouldn’t directly need in a home or office. But instead focus more on the “office” concept and growing from there. Technology is evolving and to make sure to offer services that are useful to consumers. What is the general intent of corporate governance? o To align shareholders (principals) and managers (agents) based on the agency theory. Managers no longer make the sole decisions, must incorporate the shareholders too. To control and direct corporations, give shareholders the power to control the direction in which the company is heading 4 ways that Hershey implements this o CEO is not on the board of directors which means that there isn’t a bias; the board sets the executives salaries; the chairman can devote his attention of assuring that the company has proper governance in place o Stock compensation: offers employees stock as compensation, therefore they want what is best for the company to be successful o Shareholders: class b shareholders receive 10 votes/share...
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