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This opportunity could broaden the products and

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Unformatted text preview: stile takeover Spin- off What are the corporate level strategies that Hershey’s is implementing and how? o Dominant business: low diversification because although Hershey offers a wide variety of products, majority of them fall under the sugar confectionary industry, where Hershey receives most of their revenue o Vertical integration: having retail Hershey’s stores located in high traffic touristy area’s across the world such as Hershey, PA, NYC, Niagara Falls o They are selling their own products in their own stores o Restructuring: recently moved their manufacturing from Hershey, PA to mexico where it is cheaper to produce the products; using strategic partnerships and joint ventures in expanding themselves in the global market Hershey should try implementing related diversification. This opportunity could broaden the products and services that Hershey has to offer. This in turn will lower the dep...
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