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Available for anyone with a computer cheaper than

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Unformatted text preview: ide mailing and packaging services for every, not a specific market; more convenient for customers to get their supplies; has their own brand of packaging so its cheaper o Repair and recover services: cost leadership o Offers in- store or at- home services that not many other companies offer; available for anyone with a computer; cheaper than outsourcing to other companies Demographic- providing products and services to a wide variety of consumers o College package: integrated cost leadership/differentiation o Students can select a package and what items they need for college and they will be delivered the day they move in; special pricing options o Computer troubleshooting course: focused cost leadership o Offer courses to small business that purchase their hardware from staples that teach them how to manage and troubleshoot the devices o Small fee if devices weren’t purchased through staples Sociocultural opportunity of product innovation o Sugar- free versions of all the chocolate bar/candy products o Integrated cost leadership/differentiation because offers the products to people who are health conscious or are on strict diet for the s...
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