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PSYCH-sensation and sleep

Activation association errors slip of the tongue loss

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Unformatted text preview: Window frames make us think that they are the same distance. Ponzo Illusion- it looks like a big monster chasing a small one but it’s really the same size COUNSIOUSNESS Subjective awareness of internal and external events LEVELS OF COUNSIOUSNESS 1. Attention Awake, we decide what it is we pay attention to Internal processes used to set priorities for mental functions VERY IMPORTANT Research study attention with dichotic listening. People wear headphones, get different messages in each ear, and then have to say what they heard Cocktail party effect: you are chatting, you hear your name. you can always hear your name. we still pick up on important information even if our attention is focused elsewhere 2. Automaticity We can interact with the environment sometimes without focused attention Automaticity vs. Absentmindedness Used for complex, but mastered actions. Can sometimes lead to errors. Capture error:...
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