PSYCH-sensation and sleep

Law of proximity grouping things based on how close

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Unformatted text preview: theory. It’s probably a combination. Maybe trichromatic earlier in pathway, and OPT happening later. We interpret information based on context. Two types of processing Bottom up processing focuses on the physical message, top down processing is interpretation. Physical messages may all be the same, but the top down can be different from person to person. Gestalt Psychologists Perceive in terms of “whole” and interpret accordingly They developed a number of laws of perceptual organization. How we perceive the world based on the whole rather than the pieces. LAW OF PROXIMITY- grouping things based on how close they are LAW OF SIMILARITY- grouping things based on how similar they are LAW OF CLOSURE- perceive objects as complete LAW OF GOOD CONTINUATION- you see continuous objects, not two separate shapes, you cane perceive one on top of the other or one behind the other LAW OF COMMON FATE- grouping...
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