PSYCH-sensation and sleep

These are the stages that make up feel most rested

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Unformatted text preview: frequently preformed activity captures what you do—like when the first few steps are similar and deviates Description error: preforming the right action on the wrong object. Activation association errors: slip of the tongue Loss of activation error: forget what you’re supposed to do Subliminal Influences Are we affected by things without our full awareness? YES. 1950’s, they flashed on screens, eat popcorn, drink coke. People were more likely to buy coke and popcorn (people haven’t really been able to replicate that study) Hypnosis Altered psychological state Leads to: susceptibility to suggestion, involuntary performance of behavior, dissociation, analgesia (don’t feel pain) Big part of the power of hypnosis is that we are suspecting ourselves to...
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