PSYCH-sensation and sleep

Viewer looks inside through peephole you cant tell

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Unformatted text preview: bases on direction moving Perceptual Constancy Our experiences contribute to what we see. Objects stay the same even though sensory properties change. Size constancy: You don’t see a man and a little man, you perceive that it’s a further away person. You can perceive this because you know through experience that men aren’t mini Shape constancy: you can have a number of pictures of the same thing, with different physical messages (door, door opened slightly, door opened) but you know the picture is the same, the object has not fundamentally changed, just the physical message. We need to do this to make sense of the world around us. Ames Room- floor is wider on right than left, so left makes the person look smaller because the person is further away. Window frames are different size. Right side is higher than left side. Viewer looks inside through peephole you cant tell left side is farther....
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