Items on left detected by right hemisphere items on

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Unformatted text preview: rain? • Study brain damage- see what deficits people have with brain damage o Most effective when it’s a very particular part of the brain, but not all studies work that way • Electrical stimulation o Usually done on animals so sometimes difficult to transmit to human • Visual methods o fMRIs, look at the brain, see the brain in action. Have people do certain actions and experiments, expose to different things and then see which parts of the brain light up. Gazzangia 1965: Split brain patients Separate right and left hemispheres and see how. Cut the connecting cord. They saw how people reacted. NO CORPUS COLLOSUM. It’s a bridge that connects two hemispheres. This method of surgery was a treatment fro epilepsy. In these experiments they projected images so they would only be detected by ONE hemisphere. Items on left detected by right hemisphere, items on rights detected by left. When image is on right, it is...
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