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Unformatted text preview: LIMBIC SYSTEM Hypothalamus- eating sleeping, drive behavior Amygdala- emotional processing Hippocampus- memory Cerebrum Frontal lobe: planning, reasoning, impulse control Complex human cognitive actions Occipital Lobe: vision, processing of visual information Temporal Lobe: auditory, hearing Frontal Lobe: motor actions and movements Somatosensory cortex is within parietal lobe, closely linked with touch sensations. Broca area: speech production Wernicke area: understanding speech, rather than producing speech. Phineas Gage, a giant piece of iron went right through his head, smashed through his skull. He survived, but had massive personality changes. His frontal lobe was severely damaged. Before accident he was reserved, mature, managerial, dependable. Became impulsive and rash. Brain lateralization Right and left Hemispheres Right Hemisphere Left Hemisphere Controls left side of the body Controls right side of the body Non verbal, visual skills Specialized for language skills Items projected to one side and one side only will be transmitted to the opposite hemisphere How can we study the b...
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