The axon transmits the message axon covered by myelin

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Unformatted text preview: ds vs. going shoulder to shoulder. Shoulder is faster. Distance is longer hand to brain to other hand. Fewer interneurons in between. BASIC NEURON STRUCTURE Dendrites receive electrical message, to cell body (SOMA) where the nucleus is, which contains the DNA. The axon transmits the message. Axon covered by myelin sheath. MS present only in certain neurons where its essential for when we need it SUPER fast. In between the sheath cells, the gaps are called nodes of ranvier. It jumps over the myelin sheath so it’ll go faster. At the end are terminal buttons, that send off information to next neuron. Types of Neurotransmitters: Dopamine- inhibitory, involved in schizophrenia when there is too much Acetylcholine- excitatory, muscle contractions Serotonin- inhibitory, involved in depression GABA- inhibitory, associated with anxiety PARTS OF THE BRAIN PARTS OF THE BRAIN STEM Brain stem- heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, reflexes RF- sleep and arousal Cerebellum- complex motor movements Thalamus (the top) connects to brain....
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