Go to natural context ie beachrainy weather and see if

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Unformatted text preview: ic study” mean? 1. Interested in certain behaviors 2. Develop questions 3. Generate hypotheses to answer these questions 4. Test them 5. Collect data about the behavior 6. Make conclusions based on observations What makes a good study? ! Should be able to be duplicated ! One variable focused on, isolated ! Large number of people ! Repeated trials ! Consistent results, reliability ! Accuracy and validity, are we studying what we intend to study, does our experiment provide and answer to the question ! Generalizability we hope the findings can apply to another situation, population as a whole Major research methods Descriptive Purpose: To observe and describe behavior Research Tactics: • Naturalistic observation o Looks at naturally occurring behavior o Develop a question and observe to find answer (ex: does weather affect people’s moods? Go to natural context, i.e. beach/rainy weather and see...
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