Interpersonal good at interacting with other people

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Unformatted text preview: . INTELLIGENCE What is an intelligent person? GENERAL MENTAL CAPABILITY THAT INVOVLED THE ABILITY TO REASON, PLAN, SOLVE PROBLEMS THINK ABSTRACTLY, COMPREHEND COMPLEX IDEAS, LEARN QUICKLY, LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE Are there broader ways of thinking about intelligence? Spearman (1927): general intelligence- “G” There is a single number you can know to determine someone’s intelligence. IQ, basically. Cattell and Horn (1960s): two different types of intelligence, fluid and crystallized. Fluid is natural, processing speed, logical reasoning, memory, spatial skills… Crystallized is acquired facts, knowledge. The tow often work together. Sternberg (1988): 3 types of intelligence, analytic, practical and creative Analytic- math, verbal and logic Practical- thinking on feet, modifying behavior based on environment, street smart Creative intelligence- think outside the box, new way, unique solutions this is the most successful type of intelligence Gardener Multiple intelligences Eight types of intelligences 1. interpersonal- good at interacting with other people intuitively able to interact with different types of individuals...
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