Shaped by those around us sensitive period 2nd

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Unformatted text preview: - moephemes- smallest significant units that carry meaning Syntax: grammar, order, and combinations Semantics: meaning Language development - pick up on others - happens very young much harder to learn a language after puberty - classical, operant conditioning, imitation Problems with purely relying on language theories- unable to account for everything. Children’s errors, create novel sentences, resistance to grammatical feedback We can just understand new stuff CHOMSKY: LAD- language acquisition device We are all born ready to learn and acquire language, so that there’s a part of the brain that’s ready to go. *innate program for fundamentals of language *all languages have this *”wrong” errors all languages share a fundamental core- nouns, verbs, etc. shaped by those around us sensitive period: 2nd language learning, deaf children with hearing parents, vice versa- impacts how children learn language...
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