Children are given pics of the mountains from

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Unformatted text preview: tasks - Egocentrism (cant see things from someone else’s perpective) CONSERVATION LIQUID Beakers with same amount of liquid. Children agree there is same amount They pour from one into a longer thinner container Children think longer one has more. They just think bigger is more, no matter what. MASS Flatten a ball of clay they think it’s the bigger one even if both balls were same size NUMBER Spread out things of a certain number. If it looks different they’ll think its different even if the fundamental properties haven’t changes EGOCENTRISM Sounds pretty obnoxious in our terms, but here it means to be unable to understand the point of view of another person. Children can really only see things from their own perspective On the phone, pointing and saying ‘here’ not realizing the person on the other phone cant see 3 Mountain Task three...
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