psych-social psychology

Festinger and carlsmith 1959 people were asked to do

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Unformatted text preview: about object Find it applicable, like a field its all based on information you’ve acquired about the field Affective: emotions I’m always happy so I guess I like it, based on emotional experience Behavioral: actions How you act in a certain situation determines Can we change our attitudes because of our behavior? Festinger and Carlsmith 1959 People were asked to do a super boring thing, spool string for like hours on end. Some were told it was an experiment about motivations, others were told to lie about the experiment- tell the next subject this was an awesome interesting experiment lie to confederate some were given a dollar to lie, and some were given 20$ to lie Participants were then asked how much they liked the experiment Motivational task Vs. Fun Task $1 $20 THE ONE DOLLAR GROUP ENDED UP LIKING THE EXPERIEMENT THE MOST, NOT THE 20$ GROUP Cognitive Dissonance: tension produced upon people acting in an inconsistent way People will do anything to make it go away In this experiment, they asked people to lie. The people getting a dol...
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