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Mongols were defeated by the Tatars and lost their supremacy

Mongols were defeated by the Tatars and lost their...

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~Mongols were defeated by the Tatars and lost their supremacy. Battle of Baghdad (1258) Hulagu Khan – Grandson of Ghengis Khan - Organized troops into decimal units (10, 100, 1,000, 10,000). Each of these groups had a commander who reported to the next-largest group. Each commander was licensed to execute orders as he saw fit. So, everyone could attack all together, or split up into groups and attack different parts of the enemy army. -Two different kinds of soldiers. Horse Archers and Lancers. Mongolians has
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Unformatted text preview: stirrups on all their war horses before many people knew what stirrups were, making the Archers very innovative because they could shoot arrows in all directions.-Because the War Commanders could execute orders, one of them got the bright idea to break the dikes holding back the water of the Tigris River and flooded the Baghdad army.-Mongolians destroyed Baghdad, the cultural center of Mesopotamia,...
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