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alberta federation on labor 1 2012 n pag alberta

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Unformatted text preview: g economic and other benefits to the communities in which we operate, but potentially poisoning the land of the Aboriginal people with 6 Memo to Brian Sutherland Nothern Gateway Pipeline – Aboriginal people of B.C October 21, 2012 From: Andrew Zhu, Student cancerogenic pollution and destroying the environment with inevitable oil spills all while increasing prices and decreasing the buying power of an already financially disadvantaged group of individuals seem quite the contrary to their believes. The project maybe even too risky for Enbridge as demand in Asia seems to be decreasing quickly. With all the social pressure and an uncertain future, Enbridge could find better investments elsewhere. Alternatives If Enbridge decides not to proceed with the project, the Government of Canada has a bright alternative. Kinder Morgan plans to expand their Trans Mountain project, which would allow them to boost capacity from 300,000 barrels to 700,000 barrels a day. This project is already 25% completed and is being built on already existing right ­of ­way land, avoiding any ethical problems. If this expansion is approved, the new pipeline will be operational by 2017, years before the Northern Gateway Pipeline’s start up date. Although the negative effects of the pipeline could be somewhat felt by everyone in Canada, the magnitude will be nothing compared to the damage felt firsthand by the A...
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