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C october 21 2012 from andrew zhu student cancerogenic

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Unformatted text preview: ially to move away from what they call “dirty” imported oil and towards self ­sustaining energy alternatives, projected sales will be greatly slashed. PetroChina, a major Chinese oil and gas company, has already withdrawn from the project due to prolonged delays. There is currently already a pipeline in operation and has been doing an effective job. The Trans Mountain Pipeline operated by Kinder Morgan is already in existence and is virtually doing the same job as the newly proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. This pipeline has been providing 90% of gasoline for BC for the past 60 years safely and efficiently. As we can see, there is a great chance that Enbridge may not even be able to successfully profit from this project and even if it does, it would be at the hardship of the Canadian public and the already financially disadvantaged Aboriginals. Based on the current economical evaluations it would seem unethical of Enbridge to take so much from the Aboriginals to essentially take a gamble at this project and hope for the best. Recommendations for Enbridge Our recommendation for Enbridge is simple and straightforward: do not proceed with the Northern Gateway Pipeline for the sake of the Aboriginals, citizens of Canada, and Enbridge itself. Enbridge states that it’s social responsibilities include: acting ethically and responsibly, protecting the environment and the safety of people, and providin...
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