Economical the economical benefits to society as a

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Unformatted text preview: mption that there are no accidents or spills during the duration of the project. But how likely will the assumption of zero accidents hold? First of all, the ships that will be used to transport oil will be required to navigate through the Hecate Strait, the fourth most dangerous passage in the world. This will greatly increase the risk of massive oil spillage. The pipeline is also expected to pass through extremely unpredictable mountain terrains that are prone to avalanches and rockslides that may damage the pipeline or even cause it to leak. The chemicals Enbridge is using to dilute bitumen before transportation makes the mixture 16 times more corrosive then regular crude oil, potentially weakening the pipeline and allowing for spills. A more accurate estimation of accidents and costs is shown below: 4 Memo to Brian Sutherland Nothern Gateway Pipeline – Aboriginal people of B.C October 21, 2012 From: Andrew Zhu, Student With a company record that shows an average of 60 ­70 spills a year from pipeline ruptures, there are little signs of hope for a clean and safe pipeline system. Economical The economical benefits to society as a whole would not even begin to cover all the potential losses and suffering associated with the project, nor would they be as beneficial as they seem. With the introduction of this pipeline, the oil producers will gain a total of $2.9 billion in revenues while Canadians will absorb a total cost of $...
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