Ethically and socially it is unjust to take away from

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Unformatted text preview: tating and damaging externalities that this project could bring. The animals, land, and water, commodities that the Aboriginals have thrived on for thousands of years, could all be contaminated and damaged. Even though Aboriginals make $8,135 lower annually then the average Canadian household the promise of money and jobs does not seem like a great enough compensation for what they could loose. The Aboriginals have struggled throughout the history of this country to finally claim what little they have today. With a major pipeline running across their land, potentially polluting their air and poisoning their wildlife, we would only be taking away what little they have. Ethically and socially, it is unjust to take away from the poor to benefit to rich. Environmental Needless to say, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline will create problems for the environment, especially for the environment of the Aboriginal people. The proposed route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline crosses a total of 733 bodies of water, 83 of which are highly sensitive to any type of change. This means the construction of the pipeline occurring across these bodies of water will cause sprawling routes of fish, especially the Aboriginals’ iconic salmon, to be drastically altered. Not only will the sprawling routes of these fish be altered but the growth of the fish will be as well. According to a survey done in 2007 by Environment Canada,...
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