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If this is true the pipeline will affect the future

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Unformatted text preview: 3 Memo to Brian Sutherland Nothern Gateway Pipeline – Aboriginal people of B.C October 21, 2012 From: Andrew Zhu, Student fish embryos exposed to oil sands show an extremely high deformation rate. As salmon is a commodity that the Aboriginals greatly relay on, deformed and potential poisonous salmon would cause trauma and panic to those who catch the fish as well as those who consume it. The pipeline will release a high level of arsenic, a highly poisonous chemical found in minerals in association with sulfur and metals. When exposed to humans, arsenic poisoning will cause hair loss, vomiting, blood in urine, and heart problems. For the Aboriginals who will be exposed to long term arsenic poisoning, the effects are much more serious, ranging from night blindness to death. Current studies are slowly starting to show signs of gene mutation in long ­term exposures to arsenic. If this is true, the pipeline will affect the future generation before they are even born. The pipeline will also cause large amounts of pollution. When the pipeline is finally up and running, the pollution caused by the pipeline will be the equivalent of putting an extra 1.6 million cars on the road every year. And of course those living closest to the pipeline will experience the most pollution. To potentially poison the environment and the Aboriginals living on it seems morally unjust and unethical to do. All of these consequences are considered with the assu...
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