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Unformatted text preview: r[address_street] p[address_city] r[address_city] t[emp_name] p[emp_name])} DRC: { p | d, s, m ( p, s, d EMPLOYEE p, m MANAGES p, s, d EMPLOYEE )} 4. Find the names of all employees in this database who do not work for ‘PeopleSoft’ TRC: {t | s WORKS_ON(s [industry_name] ' PeopleSoft' t[emp_name] s[emp_name])} DRC: { p | d, s( p, d, s WORKS_ON c ' PeopleSoft ' )} Exercise 4 (SQL Queries) [30pts] Consider the following schema of a movie database used by Theatres(name,city,state,zip,phone) Movies(title,rating,length) ShownAt(,movies.title) Provide SQL statements to answer the following questions based on the schema provided. a) List all theatres playing the movie “Cabin Fever”. SELECT name FROM ShownAt WHERE title=’Cabin Fever’; b) List all the movies playing in theatres in Champaign city. SELECT title FROM Theatres, ShownAt WHERE’Champaign’ AND; c) Find the number of theatr...
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