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Kidd 1 Jon Kidd Cultural Heritage 8am Iraq: Food of Kings What happens when you pit any country against war, invasion, and general pessimism for hundreds of years? The country begins to degenerate. Now imagine the most beautiful, historic country in the world. Egypt comes to mind, as well as China and India, but in fact there is a country even older and more historic than these. Formerly Mesopotamia, the first documented metropolis of the world, Iraq is the most historic country in the world. Settled between two large rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, the land is so rich and lush it has been dubbed the Fertile Crescent. Because it was civilized at such an early age, and because the land it is settled on is so wonderful, Iraq has been able to develop some of the most healthy and tasty foods known to man. But, because of the multiple wars and invasions Iraq has faced, the journey to world-renown food has been severely hindered. If war continues in Iraq, the country’s contribution to the culinary world may never be commended. The most recent war Iraq has faced so far is the war against the United States. The American invasion of Iraq very closely resembles the invasion of Iraq by the Mongols in the 13 th century. After the Genghis Khan killed the last caliphate and the Mongols took Iraq, the Iraqi crops began to decline. The Mongols pillaged Iraqi’s rich farmlands, burned her bridges, and shattered her innovative irrigation system. (Baghdad) With the loss of the irrigation system, the crops of barley, wheat, cucumbers, olives, and other
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Kidd 2 crops quickly withered to nothing. (Mesopotamia) When the 16 th
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IRAQ FOOD OF KINGS - Kidd 1 Jon Kidd Cultural Heritage 8am...

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