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Pinatu as infr superior view deloid removed

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Unformatted text preview: scapularis Anterior view inatus suprasp acromion Coracoid process Supraspinatus inatus infrasp es er T or in m Posterior view Posterior Long head biceps Infraspinatus Initiation of Initiation abduction abduction Ant. Post. Teres minor Suprascapular nerve Subscapularis supraspinatus infraspinatus r ino m res Te Deltoid Axillary nerve inatus suprasp inatus infrasp es er T or in m Forearm flexion Forearm extension deltoid Anterior view Biceps Biceps musculocutaneous deltoid Posterior view Triceps radial ulna Biceps tendons and actions at forearm Biceps Biceps tendon ulna ulna Bicipital Bicipital aponeurosis aponeurosis lateral radius medial 1) Forearm flexion 2) Forearm Supination ax il la ry Brachial Artery Brachial brac h ia l Biceps tendon (supination) Median nerve Bicipital aponeurosis (flexion) r uln a rad ia l lateral medial Medial epicondyle of humerus Anterior view Pronation of forearm F P alma ris lon le xor c gus arp i r ad Flexor ia lis carpi u lnaris Pronat or te re s Flex Pr or c on arp at i rad o Fle x or ialis r te car p re s i ul n aris Superficial forearm flexors Superficial Flexion of carpus Fl e x pro or di fu n gito dus rum Fle x sup or di erf i gito r cia lisl um e Deep forearm flexors Deep Flexors of fingers Posterior view Extensor, abductor pollicis Extensor carpi radi alis Extensor digitorum Ext ens or c ar pi uln a ris Extensor carpi radia lis orum lateral epicondyle of humerus r tor cto uc du bd ab ,a or, s or cis ns ns llliici ten pol ten po Ex Ex Extens o r digit Exte ns o r car pi ulna ris Forearm extensors Forearm Epicondylitis “Golfer’s Elbow” “Tennis Elbow” Medial epicondyle Lateral ep...
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