Of god to humanity in our world the issue of

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Unformatted text preview: ons of the western world about Islam and its religious goals–including its missionary zeal based on the conviction that Islam is the final and true revelation of God to humanity – in our world. -The issue of hermeneutics and the Quran? -The two related questions of feminism and the notion of individuality (cosmic order) The Promise of the Afterlife -One of the fundamental beliefs of Islam that is held to by every Muslim is the belief in a life after death (cf. Sûrah 1 1:60; 75, the day of resurrection) -For those who have submitted their lives to the will of God, there will be a reward in the world to come. For those who h ave not submitted, punishment awaits them in hell (cf. 39:70-73) -Throughout the Quran, there are vivid descriptions of the Garden of Paradise or Eden -Allah's ultimate promise: Sûrah 9:72, both men and women will receive the Garden of Eden, gardens “underneath which rivers flow” A d etailed description of the world to come is in 76:11-22...
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