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Psychology Notes ~ Motivation and Emotion Motivation: The influence that accounts for the initiation, direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior. (pg 282) Motive: A reason for behavior (pg 282) Sources of Motivation: Biological Factors – hunger, related to physiological and biological reasons. Emotional – if you are sad Cognative – thought processes Social – following ppl who are in power, etc. Theories of Motication: Instincts: Unlearned, involuntary responses. Occur to a certain stimulus. Drive – Reduction Theory – wanting to maintain homeostasis. When physiological things stay stable. Whenever homeostasis is disrupted, there is a need to get it back. Unbalanced equilibrium-need-Drive-Behavior that satisfies need and drive- Equilibrium restored Arousal Theory: Activation of a physiological syststems: waking up, etc. brain activity and heart rate. We each have an optimal level of arousal. We don’t like to me all jittery- arousal all the time and vice-versa. Yerkes-Dadson Law- Proposed by gents in 20 th century saying relationship between level of arousal and performance. Incentive Theory – Importance of external stimuli. Operant Conditioning. We learn about what reinforces and what punishes us. Hunger and Eating ~ ~ Hunger – the desire to eat ~Satiety – no longer desiring to eat ~Cues – from stomach. Contractions=hungry. Pressure=full. Hormones respond to nutrient levels. Glucose and fatty acids and amino acids. Hunger: Brain Structures: Ventromedial Nucleus – if destroyed, never feels full Lateral Hypothalamus – if destroyed, stops eating because doesn’t feel hunger.
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Paraventrucular Nucleus – if activity here, info says “don’t eat!”. If damaged, this
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Psychology Notesabout emotion - Psychology Notes ~...

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