water cycle, water treatment, uses of water

Water cycle water treatment uses of water

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Unformatted text preview: benefits older persons by reducing the prevalence of osteoporosis and hardening of the arteries. Acidity Correction as discussed is used to achieve the necessary acidity level of the water. Step 7:S t o r a g e Step 7: The water flows into a closed tank or reservoir. In the reservoir there is time for the chlorine and other chemicals to mix. Before reaching you the water may have been pumped through pipes and stored in reservoirs a number of times. Another reason to store water in reservoirs is to make sure water is available if there is a problem at the treatment plant or with the pumps or with the pipes. Distribution reservoirs provide service storage to meet the widely fluctuating demands often imposed on a distribution system, to provide storage for fire fighting and emergencies and to equalize pressures. They are either elevated or just below ground level. How do we use water? How do we use water? This shows how far ms, recreation,, schools, cities, in our houses and industry use water to suit their own needs. Farming Farming Dairy Farming Farmers need to have a supply of water to grow pasture and crops to provide water for stock to clean machinery and property and for their families to use. Dairy cows produce a lot of waste or effluent when they are in and near milking sheds. On average a farmer uses 50 litres of water per cow per day to clean the cowshed down after milking. Farmers cannot release their waste water straight back into streams and waterways; they must treat or clean it first Recreation Recreation Water recreation is mostly done as swimming, fishing or sailing. School An average primary school with 300 pupils uses 7450 li...
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