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Unformatted text preview: tres of water a day. Cities When large numbers of people live together in a city or town the local council provides some services that benefit the whole community like: – hospitals – recreation facilities eg swimming pools – roads – parks and gardens and – community buildings like museums and halls. These services use water in different ways. The council must also provide the town or city with clean water and a system to remove waste water and storm water. In our homes An average family of four in one household uses 5040 litres of water a week in summer. This water is used like this – toilet 30.6% or 1540 litres – bathroom (baths, showers, handbasins) 22.2% or 1120 litres – watering (gardens, paths, cleaning car) 19.4% or 980 litres – laundry 8.3% or 420 litres – leaks 2.8% or 140 litres. Industry • Industries and factories use water as part of their industrial processes and to clean equipment. Why should we conserve Why should we conserve water? Angat Angat dam supplies 97% of the water consumption of Metro Manila. MWSS is the agency responsible for the distribution, treatment and purification of the water that we use. Conservation of water may not seem a big deal but it will become a major problem if left untreated. Water may seem abundant but since the population is growing and the demand for safe and clean water, so does the need for its purification and safety. As we can see from the report, purification takes a long time, and with more industries sprouting up, purification gets harder everyday since the waste that they produce is not the typical waste that a household produces. It takes special means to purify them and make them drinkable again. Amount of Water Lost due to Small Leakage 1 day loss 1 month loss One drop per second Stream breaking 1 day loss into drops 1 month loss 1 day loss 1.6 mm stream 1 month loss 1 day loss 2 mm stream 1 month loss 1 day loss 5 mm stream 1 month loss 1 day loss 6 mm stream 1 month loss 4.3 litres 130 litres 91 litres 2,650 litres 320 litres 9,460 litres 980 litres 29,520 litres 1,600 litres 48,260 litres 3,500 litres 105,000 litres...
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