water cycle, water treatment, uses of water

Lakesto changefrom aliquidto awater vapour c o n d e

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Unformatted text preview: n This is Heat energy called from the e v a p o r a t i o sun causes n . water in The vapour puddles, rises into streams, the air and rivers, collects in seas or clouds. lakes to change from a liquid to a water vapour. C o n d e ns a t i on This is called condensatio Water vapour n collects in These drops clouds. As fall to the the clouds earth as cool the rain, snow or water vapour hail and the condenses water cycle into water begins again. drops. The complete water cycle Water T reatment Water T Water Treatment Water Treatment Water treatment is the process of cleaning the water. Treatment makes water safe to drink. Because it is a good solvent, water picks up all sorts of natural pollutants. In nature, water is not always clean enough for people to drink. Treatment includes disinfection with chlorine and other chemicals to kill any germs in the water. Water Treatment is best viewed using this illustration: Step 1.Intakes Water is taken from the river, lake or from underground through an intake. This might be a pipe or a weir. The water goes through a screen to prevent logs, leaves, twigs or fish from entering the treatment plant. Sometimes the water may have to be pumped to the treatment plant. Step 2:Chemical Addition Chemicals are added to the water which help remove solids and germs (virus, bacteria and protozoa) from the water. Often a chemical is necessary to adjust the acidity of the water so that it doesn't corrode the pipes and fittings in the supply system and in your home. The chemicals are well mixed. Substances that offer resistance to change in pH as acids or bases are added to solution are referred to as buffers. Since the pH falls between 6 and 9 for most natural waters and was...
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