Lecture 12 - BIO220

4 25022013 north migrate habitat diversity in canada

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Unformatted text preview: ed by genetic differentiation? 4 25/02/2013 North: Migrate Habitat Diversity in Canada s North Questions • Is there gene flow between northern, migratory wolves and southern resident wolves? Tundra – Measure this with molecular tools. Treeline Taiga • If not, is there evidence of differentiation between northern and southern wolves? Boreal coniferous forest South: Don't Migrate Modified from Musiani et al. (2007) These habitats grade into each other, with minimal barriers and almost no human disturbance. • What is the ecological force leading to these differences in migration? 17 18 -Habitats of N and S wolves are vast with minimal disturbance! (Not many people in the NWT to disturb their territories) Microsatellite Analysis of Wolf Populations What ecological force leads to differentiation? • Computational algorithms cluster alleles from microsatellite loci into distinct wolf populations • Spatial separation of red * and blue * on opposite sides of ecological boundary suggests genetic differentiation Northern, migratory wolves prey on Caribou, which themselves migrate! • Quantify genetic differentiation with Fst • Fst = 1 Complete differentiation No differentiation • Fst = 0 Question: Do Caribou migration patterns match wolf differentiation? •Based on mtDNA •Fst = 0.28 •Based on Y chromosomes and autosomes •Fst = 0.03 Modified from Musiani et al. (2007) -Based on mtDNA (MATERNAL) Fst HIGH: A lot of genetic differentiation bet ween N and S wolves! Why? 19 -Based on Y-Chromosomes: (MALE) -Fst LOW: No difference bet ween N a nd S wolves -Based on Autosomes: (BOTH) -Fst LOW: No diff 20 -Northern wolves prey on Caribou -Caribou migrate -Does the migrational pattern in th...
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