Lecture 12 BIO220

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Unformatted text preview: e caribou cause NORTHERN wolf migration? 5 25/02/2013 Wolf tracking of caribou herds Caribou – Wolf Spatial Dynamics Wolves Caribou Summer Winter Wolves follow the Caribou south in winter 1. Northern, migratory wolves follow the caribou south for winter, and back North the following spring 2. Resident, southern wolves live in the boreal forest, prey upon deer, moose, elk, and non migratory caribou. • Southern wolves generally are territorial -Southern wolves work to keep other packs out Modified from Musiani et al. (2007) 21 22 -Summer: Caribou are in the North, North wolves are in the North -Winter: Caribou migrate South, North wolves migrate South Migration s Differential Effects on Markers Wolf Mating Season and Genetic Differentiation 1. Mating occurs in February/March, when northern wolves are at the Southern end of their range. What effect does this have? Northern Fall Migration 2. Dispersal, residency, migration in wolves follows the natal pack. Pups born to migratory packs migrate Pups born in the boreal, resident packs stay Spring Migration Southern 3. Can this explain the discrepancy in Fst estimates for mtDNA vs. autosomes? Summer 23 Winter Summer Mating Season 24 -Contact bet ween the N and S populations occurs in the Winter w hen the N population follows the caribou population South 6 25/02/2013 Migration s Differential Effects on Markers Migration s Differential Effects on Markers Northern Northern Maternal markers, like mtDNA, follow the mother and the pack. Fall Migration Y chromosome & autosomal markers follow the individuals pr...
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