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Inbreeding depression fitness will decrease from

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Unformatted text preview: h their mating age) 10 1. Inbreeding depression: Fitness will decrease from mating with relatives. Inbreeding avoidance would evolve to escape these negative effects from inbreeding depression. 2. May be worth it to mate with a relative because it is better t han not mating at all. Competition bet ween males is high, so if t hey even get an opportunity to mate at ALL (even if it is a relative), it is better than not mating. -Either this or, inbreeding depression is just weak (breeding with relatives does not decrease fitness) The litmus test: Do males behave in a way that suggests inbreeding avoidance? Experiments with Elephants are Impossible! • Gestation is 22 months! • Observe elephant behavior • Lifespan is 62 years! • Quantify mating behaviors and assess whether they are directed away from kin • Measuring inbreeding depression or fitness directly is infeasible. Google images : And you thought your job sucked • Maternity is a certainty, paternity requires genetics Therefore, use genetic markers to apply an inferential approach 11 -Elephants live way too long to be able to perform these e xperiments in a lab Paternity Analysis in the Lab with genetic markers 12 -It is easy to see a mom giving birth to an elephant and determine that they are the mother of that child -However, it is almost impossible to keep track of male mating -Poo: used for paternity analysis to determine genetic markers 3 25/02/2013 Possible Results Inbreeding preference Observed Behavior Towards Non Natal Family or Distant Kin Inbreeding avoidance Observations of Males Towards Kin Observations of Males Toward NON Kin No difference in behavior Results: Elephants Avoid their Kin Courtship Offspring fathered Courtship Offspring Observed Behavior Towards Natal Family or Close Kin Courtship fathered Offspring These results even hold for...
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