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1 2132013 very sexually dimorphic genes were the most

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Unformatted text preview: was low)? 1 2/13/2013 -Very sexually dimorphic genes were the MOST sensitive to this e arly, temporary low food condition -Short term food deprivation results in long term gene->protein>phenotype effects Is the transcriptome condition- dependent? 100s of new genes are recruited into the dimorphic state -Does the transcription of genes->proteins (the ones t hat mediate dimorphism) depend on conditions? • Whole adult tissue • 14K D. melanogaster genes. -Dimorphism in gene expression across the board increases w hen the environment is good -Brief stress decreases this across-the-board dimorphism Sex-biased genes become more sex-biased Are the gonads driving the majority of the conditiondependence seen in sex-biased genes? NO!! -The more dimorphic genes were more sensitive to nutrition -The testes are not any more condition sensitive t han all the OTHER sex-biased genes!! -All biased genes overall are condition sensitive (Below): Further, the Dud male results in a lower q uality offspring that will not express the q ualities that a female is looking for Can female preference remove “bad genes”? Adapted pop #1: high cadmium Good genes: sexual selection removes “bad genes” Adapted pop #2: low cadmium Females identify “stud” and “dud” males Tristan Long Studs and duds father offspring X "GOOD" Test population Non-mating fitness of offspring assayed Repeated in 3 independently derived populations "BAD" ??? Penelope Gorton Stud Dud Sexy males produce healthy offspring Tested in high cadmium -Can the female "see" bad genes through condition-dependent t rait expression? -Studs consistently produced female offspring that laid more eggs than duds did in 3 separate populations -Clearly "sexy" males DO produce healthier offspring -(There is some rhyme and reason to the display of sexually dimorphic traits) -CAN THE FEMALE SENSE THIS "Sexy Stud = Better Offsp" relationship? 2 2/13/2013 Sexual and natural selection are congruent in adapting weevil populations Are sexual and natural selection are congruent in adapting populations Populations evolve on “old” or nove...
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