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Unformatted text preview: etah situation is the "odd man out", we should not focus on this! Image from Campbell & Reece (2008) Biology 8th ed., Benjamin Cummings Pubs. 13 Florida Panthers Case studies • Puma concolor coryi • Florida Panthers • Sub species of mountain lion found in Florida • Swedish adders (vipers) • Declining numbers and developmental abnormalities suggested inbreeding depression • Prairie Chickens • Wolves – Scandinavian & Isle Royale 15 -Seem similar to Florida Panthers, same e nviro etc “Genetic Rescue” of the Florida Panther BEFORE: Ne=26 x4 N=16 x2 AFTER: Ne=102 Ne= 32 16 -Declining sperm count, testicles did not descend, skeletal a bnormalities “Genetic Rescue” of the Florida Panther •Translocate 8 female pumas from Texas (1995) •Goals: •Increase genetic diversity •Improve population numbers •Reverse indications of inbreeding depression Johnson et al. 2010, Science 329: 1641 1645 14 Observations in 2007 after translocation: •Number of admixed individuals increase •N increases •Ne increases 17 C learly the introduction of the Texas pumas helped the Florida Panther population Johnson et al. 2010, Science 329: 1641 1645 18 More genetic mixing i...
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