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D ifferent colours on the graph represent p roducts

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Unformatted text preview: s occurring after the rescue 3 Texas Pumas i ntroduced 13/03/2013 Black Line: FL Panthers have significantly lower s ur vivorship -Crosses have better sur vivorship! D ifferent colours on the graph represent p roducts bet ween Texas and FL Swedish adders Trends in response to translocation m.eb.com Isolated population in Sweden Heterozygosity increases WT Backcross F1 & admixed panthers 19 Johnson et al. 2010, Science 329: 1641 1645 20 stopsnakes.com - Hybrids are dominating, wild type decreasing -Texas genes are dominating WHY? -Individuals with these gens have better sur vivorship Introduction improves recruitment Fragmentation and Prairie Chickens • Fragmentation and elimination of prairie habitat • Individuals in surviving habitats are more closely related to each other •20 male adders introduced to isolated population •Population density and recruitment increase • Population too isolated for immigration to play a role •MHC diversity increases Madsen et al. 1999, Nature 402, 34 35 21 -Allee effect: social mating behavio...
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