Lecture 17 - BIO220

The immigrants fitness so exceeded that of native

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Unformatted text preview: tial human induced mortality – Hunting, fragmentation, vehicle impacts Relatedness initially declined • Introduction/translocation can have short term benefits Relatedness now rising! “ The immigrant's fitness so exceeded that of native wolves that – Will a self sustaining population require ongoing translocations or immigration events? • Let’s think: within 2.5 generations, he was related to every individual in the population ... In other words, all the male ancestry (50% of the total ancestry) descended from this immigrant, plus 6 per cent owing to the success of some of his inbred offspring. ” 29 At first, inbreeding was rapidly increasing -> Then the individual wolf was i ntroduced and it decreased -> THEN… it began to RISE again within 2.5 generations! :( -All new individuals were descendants of the new male wolf, therefore t hey began to mate together resulting in rising inbreeding for a second t ime (red arrow) – If 1 individual can have such strong reproductive success… …eventually most of the population descends from him/her… …won’t inbreeding eventually re occur as his/her descendents mate with each other? 30 5 13/03/2013 Return to Scandinavian wolves… Genetic rescue as a time buying strategy • Inbreeding has returned as the single immigrant’s descendents subsequently inter bred • The more inbred, the lower their fitness...
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