Lecture 17 - BIO220

This may give more time to fix environmental and

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Unformatted text preview: • “What genetic rescue may do is temporarily increase the population size, which may in turn temporarily reduce the probability of extinction and increase the probability of establishment of an introduced or endangered population. • This may give more time to fix environmental and other problems that have caused endangerment. Circle size represents sample size Liberg et al. 2005, Biology Letters 1: 17 20. - # of pups sur viving the winter decreases as inbreeding i ncreases - The problem returns! -Although the individual "bought the population some time", it c annot fix the problem -Effects are only temporary! 31 • For the long term genetic health of endangered species, recovery of populations to an effective population size resembling that before endangerment is necessary, a goal that is dependent upon eliminating, or greatly reducing, the factors that caused endangerment.” Hedrick and Frederickson, 2010, Conservation Genetics 11: 615 626. 32 -Buying time allows us to fix problems that led to the low p opulation in the first place -If we want to tackle the problem, these are the factors that we need to focus on! 6...
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