Sequence diversity cheetahs show either reduced

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Unformatted text preview: Amino acid variation at MHC: similar to most other cats • Allele number, nucleotide diversity, amino acid sequence diversity – …Cheetahs show either reduced genetic diversity or diversity similar to other organisms 11 -Predation related deaths cannot be attributed to genetic v ariability -In fact, all cats have low MHC variation. Therefore, skin graft acceptance does not necessarily point to inbreeding c onsequences -The Cheetahs simply have different genetics! 12 -Genetic diversity is not contributing to their extinction! 2 13/03/2013 -Purely demographic forces affect genetics -Purely genetic forces affect demographics -Therefore demography and genetics are not a dichotomy -They are NOT exclusive Extinction Vortex Modern view • Demography versus genetics is not an either or scenario • Inbreeding depression will affect demographic parameters • Demographic stochasticity will exacerbate lower Ne • Is it a distraction to focus on explaining idiosyncratic species like Cheetahs? -Although the che...
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