Plant genotypes differ in nutritional qualities

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Unformatted text preview: of the parts? • Plant genotypes differ in nutritional qualities, growth, defensive compounds, flowering phenologies • More diverse patches: … More spatial and temporal n iches for insects Zostera marina • Once insects find a patch …. They may be more likely to stray and visit o ther genotypes near by 11 -If you are a flower-feeding herbivore, being in a patch where there a re t wo genotypes with different flowering schedules: you have the o pportunity to feed first on Genotype 1 and then Genotype 2 • Marine sea grass • Important habitat in estuaries • Plays a key role in productivity of shallow water marine ecosystems -Where rivers meet oceans -Most productive ecosystems in the world -Key role in lifecycle of fish, invertebrates etc -There is a lot of habitat heterogeneity - MANY places to h ide - thus supporting greater species diversity -Food source for herbivores! 12 2 -White are control -Black - polyculture -Grey - monoculture -Clipping: removing/lowering density of shoots (artificial disturb) -Algal bloom: Natural disturbance -How do mono and poly respond to these disturbances? 19/03/2013 Polycultures recover from severe disturbance faster Natural (controls) Disturbance (algal bloom) Monoculture Polyculture Experimental Disturbance (clipping) Experimental disturbance Hughes and Stachowicz, 2011, Journal of Ecology 99: 445 453 13 14 Hughes and Stachowicz, 2011, Journal of Ecology 99: 445 453 -Polyculture responds faster! Measuring weeks until these plots recovered u ntil they recover back to pre-disturbance -Monocultures tak...
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